Case Study: Disaster Recovery for Community Energy Action



Community Energy Action is a charitable trust that assists people with home insulation. They were having some service issues with an existing IT supplier, and we were referred to them and took over the outsourced management of their IT systems. They had a new server with a newly implemented backup system but designed on slow-file-based backup and tape technology.


Ensure that the system is secure, backed up, and easily recoverable. Recover the environment from a server failure and disaster.


On taking over management of the system, we had to apply over one hundred missing security updates. The existing backup was functioning, and the first priority was securing the system. During the security-update installations, which included multiple reboots, the server unexpectedly failed to restart successfully after update ninety-seven. None of the standard processes for resurrecting a failed Microsoft Server would work. The existing backups were valid, but a recovery from file-based backup and tape would mean rebuilding the server and then restoring from tape.


“I joined Community Energy Action Trust in April 2011 when the organisation was displaced from an earthquake damaged building for a second time.   iTOPS got the damaged server up and running and was proactive in providing solutions that allowed us to continue working from various sites, including staff members’ homes. When we found temporary office space a month later…” read more

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