Case Study: Exchange Online and Desktop Computing Implementation for Canterbury Television



Canterbury Television (CTV) is dedicated to bringing local news, current affairs and entertainment to the local Canterbury region. The CTV IT infrastructure was lost in full when the CTV building collapsed during the Christchurch earthquakes. iTOPS was managing the IT systems for Mainland Press, and CTV moved into the Mainland Press building after the February 2011 earthquake.


Get the IT environment, desktops, file sharing, and email for CTV set up as quickly as possible in the Mainland Press buildings.


The Mainland Press network’s capability to support a large number of new systems was accessed, and it was determined that in part existing functionality could be utilised. We advised and quoted on suitable cloud-based services, laptops and accessories, desktops, workstations, and office and publishing software for these.

We implemented all new personal productivity systems within the Mainland Press network. Existing network equipment, servers and backup processes were utilised. User accounts, groups, secured file shares, and logon scripts were set up to maintain some separation between the two companies (albeit working closely together).

Exchange Online, as a part of Office 365, a cloud-based email and collaboration system, was implemented providing a quick, reliable, and cheaper alternative to commissioning an in-house server. We set up all users account, shared mailboxes, and distribution groups as required. This system also allowed for seamless access to email, contacts and calendar, whether onsite or offsite, on a computer or a mobile device.

End user documentation was distributed with all new systems, and staff was advised personally, regarding access and operation of the new systems.

The complete setup of the IT environment for CTV was carried out from order, to delivery, to configured and working onsite, in fewer than five working days.

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