Case Study: Server Consolidation and Upgrade for GCA Lawyers



GCA Lawyers needed to upgrade multiple aging Windows and Linux servers to take advantage of new application versions, including Lawbase, and to improve overall system reliability.


Provide a new server solution to allow utilisation of current versions of software and functionality improvements. Seamlessly migrate all existing data and network structure to the new solution. Ensure as little disruption to business as possible.


The clients and application providers’ functional requirements for equipment were analysed and scope was found to run the whole environment on one HP Proliant server running Microsoft Small Business Server 2008. A disk image was taken of the existing Small Business Server 2003 that was restored to a test system at the iTOPS office, allowing the complete migration procedure to be run and verified.

After successfully completing the trial migration, the server was delivered to the client’s office and live migration was completed. All domain functions, email, and data were seamlessly moved to the new server. The majority of work was completed during business hours, with data migrations run overnight, resulting in little disruption to the client environment. We then worked with a third-party software vendor to migrate Lawbase from an old version running on Linux to the latest version running on Windows, which provided greater performance, functionality, and would ease future support requirements. Backups were set up using ShadowProtect with disk-based images. (After the February 2011 earthquake, client staff abseiled to evacuate their building, taking the most current disk-based images with them. These were used to recover the client’s server image with only 50 minutes of lost data).

Once the migration was complete, the old servers were decommissioned and securely wiped. The network structure was also cleaned during the move to provide a more logical and easily supported environment. Additional remote access functionality was enabled with the move to a more modern server operating system.

At the end of the project, as part of our standard business procedure, complete IT documentation, including a network diagram, server and network documentation, and all username and password documentation, were provided to the client.


“Over many years we have found that having an instant and effective response from a highly skilled IT team is a prerequisite to us being able to provide high quality service to our own clients. iTOPS has been the only team to consistently perform to this level and we just can’t say enough about their excellent service!….” read more 

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