Who we help


While our clients cross a number of industries, our competency is shown by the fact that a large number of our clients are other technology companies.

Some IT companies guard their client lists for fear of competition. We’re proud with whom we work, and we’re confident in our client loyalty, based on the quality of the services we provide.

Information Technology

  • Aberdean Consulting LLC
  • ARANZ Medical
  • Assurity Consulting Ltd
  • Hairy Lemon
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Hi-Tec Aerials
  • McKesson New Zealand
  • Pivot Sofware
  • Power Electronics
  • Revera
  • Sea Air and Land Communications
  • Somo Creative Ltd
  • Synapse
  • Telecom NZ International
  • Truescape
  • Wellnomics

Professional Services

  • Anvil Publishing
  • Aviation Labour Group
  • Canterbury Television (CTV)
  • Community Energy Action
  • Energy Mad
  • ENT Centre
  • Equity Trust Pacific
  • Flagstaff Recruitment
  • GCA Lawyers
  • GreenZoo
  • Hatherly Loughnan
  • He Oranga Pounamu
  • Jarvis Advanced Accounting Solutions Ltd
  • Mainland Press
  • Pitcaithly Body Corporate Services Ltd
  • Rolton MacDuff
  • Shirley Law
  • STOP Trust

Construction & Engineering

  • C Lund & Son Ltd
  • Central Plains Water Ltd
  • Constructure
  • Earthworks Aoraki
  • First Windows and Doors
  • Fortis Ltd
  • Global Composting Solutions
  • Mace Group
  • Max Contracts
  • Metaform
  • Modus Construct
  • OTS Group
  • Smithconcept Painting & Building Ltd
  • Waghorn Builders


Dr. Michelle Mace, Managing Director, Mace Group Companies


Mace Group chose iTOPS to do a full IT audit for our companies in Australia and New Zealand. They came highly recommended by two other companies that we worked closely with who used iTOPS for their complete IT needs. iTOPS provided us with comprehensive report on this issue and outlined limitations in our system. We have since fully contracted out our IT requirements to iTOPS in New Zealand and they work closely with our IT person in Australia. We have moved to a new email system in both countries which has created efficiencies over our old email system and eliminated the considerable difficulties we had getting the previous system to communicate with smart phones. We would highly recommend iTOPS to other companies based on our experience.

Mark McKenzie, Programme Manager, Central Plains Water Ltd.


Our experience with iTOPS has shown that they have the technical knowledge and expertise to deliver on their promises. iTOPS were able to quickly understand the requirements of the organisation and develop a suitable technical solution to meet those requirements. The iTOPS team were able to quickly adapt to changing requirements throughout the project lifecycle. They were able to design and offer a technical solution that was fit for purpose and were able to deliver on their promises. All iTOPS staff have been professional, friendly and responsive and any issues encountered have been resolved promptly. They are practical and cost effective and have demonstrated an ability to communicate effectively to users at all levels within our business. CPWL has now successfully established its own IT infrastructure and migrated across to the new system without significant impact to the day-to-day business operations. iTOPS have designed and implemented and managed a cost effective solution that has met our budget requirements and has exceeded our user expectations. The small iTOPS team were able to provide CPWL with consistent technically capable people throughout the project (familiar faces). We would recommend using iTOPS.

Joanne Macgregor, Director, C Lund & Son Ltd


iTOPS installed our new email and data server 18 months ago. They listened and understood what we needed from our IT provider and they have been true to their word. We have a future proofed server and great technical support. iTOPS are proactive and they are very professional in their approach. They have a strong technical team who always respond quickly and efficiently. We enjoy working with them.

Grant Cameron, Partner, GCA Lawyers


Over many years we have found that having an instant and effective response from a highly skilled IT team is a prerequisite to us being able to provide high quality service to our own clients. iTOPS has been the only team to consistently perform to this level and we just can’t say enough about their excellent service! Better yet, even in the midst of crisis, they do it with a smile! We think they are superb!!

Tim Willis, Director, M.G McCaul Ltd


iTOPS were providing us with general IT support when we first purchased McCauls. Over time they took over management of all our computer and phone hardware, software, antivirus protection, and phone systems. When we shifted the company they managed and over-saw the installation and setup of our entire data network and VoIP phone system. It was fantastic knowing they had this all under control during a very busy and stressful time.

The best thing about working with iTOPS was knowing that Josh and his team are always very easy to get hold of, and can handle a good percentage of issues remotely, within a short time frame. And that Josh will always give you his honest opinion no matter what the situation. We know he has our back always and this gives peace of mind. We know we have a team of experts that are just a phone call or email away. iTOPS has helped us drastically reduce our phone bills through going across to VOIP. We have had nothing but professional top notch service from the day we started working with them.

David O’Donoghue, Managing Director, Power Electronics


After several years doing our own IT, we decided to expand our server set-up and realised we needed outside expertise. With our growth rates hitting the roof we were “time poor” and needed help. We looked for a company that was an expert in the IT field, had dedicated professional staff, had proven results and could provide service when we needed it. iTOPS came out top by far! Since engaging iTOPS we’ve implemented a very successful server based system that meets our needs and grows as we grow. Josh and the team have proven themselves time and again with great advice, cost effective implementation, and superb service. All of our IT projects have been done once and done right. I would recommend iTOPS to anyone needing IT expertise.

Jim Blair, Managing Partner, Aberdean Consulting LLC


iTOPS have been excellent business partners and service provider for my company. We’re located in the United States, and because of the time zone differences, iTOPS has been able to provide us with “outside-hours” support during their normal business hours, enabling routine system maintenance to be conducted at night for our clients. The added benefit of this being at a standard daily rate with less disruption to our clients’ daily operations has been a benefit to both Aberdean and our clients. The iTOPS team has been great to work with and they do an excellent job with all the little details that other providers often overlook which matter to us. I would highly recommend the iTOPS team.

Dave Tinkler, Former Chief Executive, Emendo


As a growing company Emendo reviewed its ability to solely service our IT strategy and support internally.  Our decision was that we need to concentrate our efforts on our core services and as such we went to the market to look for a suitable business partner. While all of the normal requirements regarding the right skill sets were important, it was equally important to us that we engage with a company that would provide a level of personalised flexible service that matched our rapidly changing environment. iTOPS ticked all the right boxes.

Initially we wanted a company that could come in and pick up the support and maintenance of our entire core infrastructure, right from the servers and network down to desktop configuration and support.  We also wanted someone who would work with us to develop a strategic infrastructure improvement programme that was able to quickly cope with our changing needs.

The absolute best thing about working with iTOPS has been their willingness to sit down with us at a moment’s notice to work through how best to deal with a new requirement.  A great example is the fact that they worked with us to get new servers up and running within days of the major earthquake in Christchurch

We’ve been very happy with the on-going relationship with iTOPS.  It seems now that they are almost part of the Emendo team and strangely I don’t even bat an eyelid when I see one of the iTOPS guys sitting at an Emendo desk quietly getting on with whatever job needs doing.  Our IT infrastructure is robust and scalable and is one thing I don’t have to worry about

Tom Mackenzie, Former Director, Energy Mad


iTOPS have looked after Energy Mad’s IT services since we started and they have proved to be a valuable partner and kept up with our growing needs.  I have no hesitation in recommending them to look after your IT, you will not be disappointed.

Edwin Dando, Former Managing Director, Clarus


iTOPS has managed a lot of the core internal IT needs of Clarus since 2009. If you need a reliable, effective, and capable IT support provider, you need not go any further.

Murray Lemon, Former Director, Southern Viking


Our existing computer system consisting of a server and 10 workstations had served us well for 9 years and had become outdated. We required a new IT company as our existing supplier had altered direction to supplying software only. We obtained several quotes and found ITOPS came up with the best solutions. They were very helpful and great to deal with and explained things in layman’s terms. The installation process went quickly and smoothly and the system is performing as expected. We would recommend ITOPS to anyone as we feel they are TOPS.

Heather Vaughan, Former Finance & Administration Manager, Community Energy Action Trust


I joined Community Energy Action Trust in April 2011 when the organisation was displaced from an earthquake damaged building for a second time.   iTops got the damaged server up and running and was proactive in providing solutions that allowed us to continue working from various sites, including staff members’ homes. When we found temporary office space a month later,  iTops worked closely with us to ensure we were operational from day one. They continue to provide an excellent IT service, anticipating our on-going needs whilst working hard to ensure we get the best solutions at an affordable price.

David Tayler, General Manager, GreenZoo


The iTOPS team were great to work with, they were not only very knowledgeable from a technical perspective but also very professional from a customer services perspective. They were good communicators and could talk me through the options in terms that I understood. The end result was I got what I asked for – an affordable solution.

"Our existing computer system consisting of a server and 10 workstations had served us well for 9 years and had become outdated. We required a new IT company as our existing supplier had altered direction to supplying software only. We obtained several quotes and found ITOPS came up with the best solutions. They were very..." Read more

Murray Lemon, Former Director, Southern Viking